Macro & Sector Dashboards

Signal publishes eight key Macro Dashboards on a monthly basis which provide actionable recommendations on a 30 – 120 day time horizon. They include Strategic Dashboards covering the US Equity Markets, China, Oil, Natural Gas, and Interest Rates, and Sector Dashboards for Industrials, Consumer, and Financials.

These Dashboards provide a concise and easy-to-read visual representation of the key metrics that drive the corresponding market, commodity, or sector.  By employing a consistent set of leading indicators, statistically separating meaningful changes from noise, and paying particular attention to turning points and rate of change, Signal is able to consistently stay on the right side of major directional moves and to forecast critical inflection points.

While the Dashboards are a highly valuable as a stand-alone product, they also play an important role in Signal’s Macro Environment identification process.

Our process-driven, independent and rate-of-change sensitive approach provides clients with insight into key macro variables in the short- to intermediate-term, the kind of time horizons where traditional macroeconomic research is generally least effective.